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Lupe Anguiano...
a life story of a quiet activitst

From humble but proud origins picking fruit with her family to her success in helping thousands of Americans rise out of poverty and the chains of welfare…

An American story rich with humor, irony and surprises — the story of Lupe Anguiano reveals her loves, sacrifices, victories, failures and deepest thoughts. This is the untold personal life story of courage and heroism and a back-stage look at the people and events that define the 20th century.

Through her untiring dedication to her beliefs, Lupe was able to realize her most successful achievement... Welfare Reform. She believed that welfare was a trap and disrespectful of women. Lupe gained national media recognition including a feature on “60 Minutes” and received the support of several presidents for her groundbreaking work in welfare reform that spread throughout the United States. Her solution to welfare reform is still relevant today.

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About the Author

Debbie Wright, a native of Pittsburgh, PA, has been a news writer in the fields of finance, education, food and restaurants, an industrial film producer, an executive producer of automotive shows, a marketing executive, and continues to write while also working as a Regional Finance Market Manager for a major car manufacturer. When Debbie met and got to know the remarkable Lupe Anguiano several years ago, she realized that she had to use her writing skills and experience to tell the story of this unsung heroine and her courageous fight for equality, justice and dignity for all. Debbie lives in Thousand Oaks, CA with her husband Steve.