About the Author

Debbie Wright

Debbie Wright, a native of Pittsburgh, PA, has been a news writer in the fields of finance, education, food and restaurants, an industrial film producer, an executive producer of automotive shows, a marketing executive, and continues to write while also working as a Regional Finance Market Manager for a major car manufacturer.

When Debbie met and got to know the remarkable Lupe Anguiano several years ago, she realized that she had to use her

writing skills and experience to tell the story of this unsung heroine and her courageous fight for equality, justice and dignity for all. Debbie lives in Thousand Oaks, CA with her husband Steve.


I have been graced with the gifts that God has given me that I am grateful for.

In my conscience ... God lives within me. I am Him. I live in Him. And I try to do my best, whatever it is.

I respond with my God-self, who I really am. Who I really am, my identity, is a person, a human being. I respond to that calling and that within me.

And so for me it isn’t so important that I be recognized ... I’m responding to my true self, to who I really am as a person, as an individual, as a family of God.



The exclusive rights to Lupe’s personal life story for all media have been granted to ODE.LLC resulting in over 50 hours of private interviews on the events and personal experience of Lupe’s life.  These personal interviews are a large part of  this biography of this amazing woman’s life and perspective